Winter Bible School – June – Now online

Winter Bible School – June – Now online


Verb. To provide with food for growth and health.
The word has a nice sound to it. Brings to mind fulfilment, satisfaction, strength or health.

But let’s be honest. These are not always the words that we would use to describe our spiritual status. Sometimes we don’t feel strong or healthy. In our heart of hearts we know we are below par. We’re dry. Our tank is empty. Some of us have health problems that leave us exhausted. Stresses at work and home sap our strength. Relationships can be demanding. We feel down and drained. Not always, but often these dry patches can be self-induced. Spiritual vitamins are depleted. Bible intake is down. It’s time for some intake. Some nourishment. Some soul food.

Dates – 19 – 20 June – due to COVID this is now being delivered online – Details here.

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Here are some quick clips from the speakers.