Myanmar Centre of Theological Studies

A strategic partnership

The vision of MCTS is to empower and train committed young people – to prepare them for dynamic Christian living, to do God’s given ministries holistically and to have a great impact in nation building in Myanmar.IMG_7338

MCTS was founded by Rev. Dr. Aung Mang and his wife Dawt Dim in June 1993 and is a growing undergraduate school of theology.  At the outset, there were only 12 students who were all high school graduates.  As they were without moral or financial support from abroad or within Myanmar, Dr. Aung and his wife suffered from severe poverty and hardship.  They struggled every day with their students.  So they sold what they had in their hands including their wedding rings to meet the basic needs of students as the students came from extremely poor families and churches.

At this point, MCTS has 253 graduates who are now serving the Lord in various ministries in different parts of Myanmar.  Some of them have finished Masters degrees and PhD’s from other countries and have become principals of Bible schools.  Others have become pastors, evangelists, and church planters.  Many are involved in mercy ministries which is taking care of orphans and disabled children.  Five graduates have died of malaria in their mission fields among the Buddhist community.

With continued development MCTS will be able to accept more students and continue to meet the needs of Myanmar’s evangelical churches.