Want to Explore Christianity

Want to Explore Christianity

What’s it about? Why are we here? Is there a God? What is life about?

Christianity Explored

These are questions people often ask themselves as they journey through life.

If you have questions like these, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss them, acknowledging that they are serious questions and helping look at these from a biblical perspective.

Christianity Explored gives you time to think about the big questions of life, and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ.

What have people said about the course?

“Christianity Explored really opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel.” Benjamin

“Christianity Explored will help you understand the teaching and people of the gospel, giving you greater connection with self, community and Jesus Christ.” Julia

Christianity Explored is an eight week series that caters for small to large groups. Everything is supplied to those who participate in the course, including a Gospel of Mark (the series text) for those who don’t have a bible.

What can the participants expect each week? There are discussions, outline notes on the talks, background information, short DVD presentations and plenty of space to write your thoughts and ideas.

You won’t be asked to read out loud, pray or discuss anything you don’t want to. You can participate as much as you like or just sit and listen. Courses are run throughout the year as needed.

If you are interested in this please register here – Register for Christianity Explored

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