Questions about Christianity

Do you have questions about the Christian faith – try this app – you can ask your questions and you can use 80 major languages – you don’t need to use English if that is not your heart language. If you would like to talk to someone who can coach you and help answer your questions – send us your details below. If you would like to understand how to make that decision to become a Christian then do ask…

Divorce Care

Dealing with Divorce? We offer a 13-week support and practical course for adults dealing with separation and divorce. This programme provides a safe, caring, trusting, open and supportive environment where you can share and move forward finding help, hope and healing in what is a very difficult and challenging time. Find out more here.

See you on Sunday

We’d love you to join us any Sunday morning at 10 am. Our service involves (among other things) contemporary worship, Biblical teaching and communion. Usually, the children join us at the start of the service, then head downstairs for their own programme, there is a creche available for children under 3 years during the service.