About Us

About Us

This page is all about who we are as a church, why we exist and what makes us tick.

Our Mission

Together, transforming people into devoted, passionate ambassadors for Christ.

Our Values

  • Saturated in God’s love.
  • The Bible is our foundation for life.
  • A heart for every person.
  • Courageously sharing the hope of Jesus

Our Strategy

This takes our mission statement and tells us what we are doing to live it out in our day to day church life.

our measures

These are questions we ask ourselves to see how we are getting on living out our mission.

•Do I have meaningful relationships with others?

•Do I actively pray for other’s needs?

•Do I spend time learning with others?

•Do I enthusiastically spend time engaging with the Bible?

•Do I include Jesus in my everyday conversations?

•Do I confidently share my faith?

Our History

All churches have a history. God has been faithful in bringing us to this point in our journey. Plimmerton Beginnings Our church started back in the 1950’s in Plimmerton in the home of Mr Wally Reddit.  It was known as the Plimmerton Brethren church and was part of the Open Brethren church community. Plimmerton was then quite a small beach side community before much of the local development occurred. Soon Wally’s home was too small for the congregation. The far sighted…

Our Vision our Future

“Together transforming people into devoted, passionate ambassadors for Christ.” Our mission statement has given us focus since it was written in 2006. More recently (2020 – 2023) we felt God’s leading to look to the future and develop a more in-depth vision of where we felt God was taking us in the next twenty years. Our description of this vision started like this…. “We have a great treasure; it is the hope we have in Jesus. We are going to…

Beliefs and Practices

The beliefs we share The Bible is God’s written revelation to man. It is the inspired Word of God and our authority for our faith, worship, and conduct. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 There is one living and true God, revealed in the Bible as a Trinity; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who have the same nature, attributes, and perfection. Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14 God the Father is the Creator of all things. He is the absolute and all-powerful ruler…

Our Structure

We are set up with two registered charitable entities, The Anchor Church and Whitby Bible Chapel Management Trust. The Trust owns the property and buildings at 1 Joseph Banks Drive.  Trustees are made up of members of the church and the team of elders. The Church is governed by a team of elders and has a Constitution and Statement of Faith which guide its practices. Copies of the Trust Deed and the church’s constitution are available from the church office. We…