A New Year

When we think of the New Year ahead, I wonder what our priorities will include. We know from past experiences there will be financial, physical, relational, emotional needs. In all of those needs we are required to decide whether God is at the centre of all things.

To submit to Christ as the head of the Church is not as easy as it should be, yet we are required to recognise His majesty and authority. So in order to do that we seek to love and adore Him far above all that we hold dear. If we are honest, all the decorations of the season, diplomas, degrees, financial stability and earthly
relationships can never fill that void that God owns. If fact God owns all things! No one can buy Him or out give Him, we can only be subject to Him. We love and serve Him wholeheartedly with all we have, then as we love and serve each other our faith is expressed to all who look on.

If we have great faith, great ideas, grandiose plans, huge vision and not love we are nothing. If we surrender everything to God, we begin to dismiss our rights to His will, our selfish ambition to His call on our life, daily annoyances to a spirit of unity and contentions to acts of holy fellowship. The result leads to a consistent loving demeanour.

We may all be highly competent, busy and well equipped people in the church, yet we need to be reminded afresh of the concerns Christ had about most of the churches in Revelation 2 and 3. May our focus as individuals and the corporate body be centred on worshipping the Father, through the Son and by the Holy Spirit.

Each new day of every New Year God brings about opportunities to show His majesty.

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