The Priority of Relationships

“You must love each other just as I have loved you. If you love each other everyone will know that you are my disciples” John 13 v 34-35

One of the key things we know about God is that he is deeply relational. We see it in the relationships of the Godhead. We see it in his sacrificial love for us and we see it in his calling us to love each other. We were created in God’s image and an important part of this is that we also were created to be deeply relational beings. To truly be the people God made us to be, we need to ensure that we prioritise and nurture the relationships in our lives in a way that reflects the value God places on them.

The day to day experience of this is never straightforward. Often as our relationships deepen, they become messier and more complicated, but the call to practice love and forgiveness becomes even more important in the midst of life’s complexities.

The intimate relationship of marriage – while capable of being the most wonderful human relationship we can have, can also be one of the most complex. Here at the Anchor we run Marriage Courses which help provide some time, space and tools for couples to work through some of these complexities in their relationships. For more information check out the Marriage Course or send us a message