Marriage Course Refresher Evening

Welcome to our Marriage Course refresher.

We have run the Marriage Course for about 10 years.  One of the questions we often get asked is whether we run some sort of refresher.

We’ve finally got around to putting together an evening.  This gives you the chance to take stock of how things are going in your marriage since doing the course.

It is on Saturday 29th of September at 7pm.  We will be hosting it at Backyard Cafe in Palmer’s Garden Centre in Plimmerton.

We want you to have a really enjoyable evening together.  You can have some time to reflect on where things are at for you and to identify how you can grow stronger as a couple.

We will focus on 3 of the key areas from the course and have invited 3 couples to be our “couch couples” and share some of their experiences in each of these areas.

If you have done the Alpha Marriage Course – we would love to share this evening with us.  There are limited spaces so please register on this link to book your spot.

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