Fight is not a bad word – Freeset Fabrics

Freeset Fabrics

Last year we were able to spent a day in this community with Freeset Fabrics.  It was a big day, listening to their stories and just watching as the women worked the looms.  We had been able to invest a little in the initial development of this project. To go and see the impact it was making was very moving.

This is the story of one of the women at Freeset Fabrics.  Settle in, get a coffee and read this story.  If you want to help fund, or be part of projects like this, come and have a chat.  We would love to talk to you. We have just been able to help fund a roof for a creche area.  Now the children of these women can have sun and monsoon shelter while their mothers weave silk fabric.

If you want to buy the silk products the women make to support this change in these women’s lives – you can do this through MarketPlacers.

FIGHT is not a bad word