Posts from October 2016

Posts from October 2016

international student ministries

International Student Ministries

Join us next Sunday 30th at 6:30pm – get inspired by International Student Ministries, how God is working through them and learn about what Yvette is doing in her role in this area. Who are International Student Ministries of New Zealand (ISMNZ).  ISMNZ came into being in late 1999 at just the right time, when the numbers of international student enrollments went from thousands to tens of thousands. Over 100,000 international students study in New Zealand every year. They leave their…

Mens Breakfast – November

Whitby Mens Breakfast Saturday 5th November 8:30am at St. Mary’s Church At the mens breakfast in November, Neil will be reporting back on the Habitat for Humanity trip to Samoa.  They are building new hurricane safe homes – like this style which is category 5 hurricane safe. The aim is to build 6 of these in two weeks and the target is to have 100 homes up to this standard in the islands by Christmas this year. Bacon, Sausages, Hash Browns,…
karl udy

This Sunday with Karl Udy

This Sunday  We have Karl Udy speaking on Sunday morning on the unchanging gospel in a changing world. Karl works for Tandem Ministries as a digital media specialist.  Why digital?  Because our community is communicating this way, the new generations understand and expect technology, and feel free to switch at any time – a recent presentation said people switch media 27 times a day! This is a challenge and a huge opportunity. We all want to see the gospel change the lives of…