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preachLearning to Preach Seminar

We invite you to an introductory seminar on learning to preach.  The seminar will be facilitated by Tony Plews of LeaDev-Langham Leadership Development.  The seminar will suit those who show promise in preaching through to the experienced who would like to hone their skills.

Introducing Tony Plews

Prior to joining LeaDev-Langham in 1996, Tony taught at Laidlaw College, Auckland, having been a passionate and energetic evangelist since coming to know Christ as a young man in 1970. Tony brings strategic direction, strong relationship building, and creative fundraising ideas to LeaDev-Langham. He also travels: to Partner Schools to encourage, advise, and give support; and around New Zealand preaching in supporting churches and updating our donor partners on how the work is progressing. When not in an airplane, Tony is grounded on terra-firma, walking several times per week, focusing on his family, and forever keen for a protein ‘fix’.   

Location: The Anchor Church, 1 Joseph Banks Drive, Whitby.

Date:        16th April 2016

Time:        12.30pm – 4.30pm

Cost:         $10.00 per person.

RSVP to Darryl Ward – or the office phone 04 2341390

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