There is something better.  We believe that we are called to serve our local community and to also go to the ends of the earth to make the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ known. Walking alongside our friends and families when they are searching for purpose and meaning and being a hand up when life is difficult and to walk alongside each other throughout life.

There is a good reason to be confident but that confidence is from God alone.  While we have grown as a church in this community over the last 50 years and, as God has blessed those who have gone before us, we are also confident that God will go before us in the future.  Our desire is that every family in our community would know who Jesus Christ is and what He came to do.  We believe we are called to be generous people – God’s people.

You are welcome to join us on this adventure of faith.  Whether you have never really heard of or understood Jesus Christ – we would love the chance to have a conversation over coffee about that.  If you have been to church before but given up on it – we would be grateful of a chance to walk that path again with you.  If you are a Christian and maybe new to our community and want to be find out how you can be involved – lets find that place.

Everyone is welcome – there is something better and it is found in Jesus Christ.

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