The Holiday Programme

The Anchor Church Holiday Programme

One of the big events on our agenda is to serve our community with the Holiday Programme.  We have about 150 – 160 kids registered each year for this exciting week.

In 2019 – we went back to Sherwood Forest.

In 2018 – it was a Western themed – Mad Dog McGraw and the Gospel Gang

In 2017 – it was a real Whodunnit Mystery week.

In 2016 we did Carolina Jones and the Crown of David and had an awesome time – here are some pics from the week.

When does the Holiday Programme happen?

It runs in the mid year school holidays in July.

We have had many themes – Caroline Jones, SpaceTrek, Super Heroes, Sherwood (Robin Hood and his merry men and women), Pirates, Loco, The Shed and more.  It’s creative and fun.

You don’t have to do anything as we provide the 50 -100 volunteers from our church members and friends.

One reason we do this is because we believe the message of the Bible is life changing and relevant. We want to give every family in our community the opportunity to understand this.  It is a great team to be part of.  If you would like to join us on this adventure – we would love to talk to you about this.