Posts from September 2017

Posts from September 2017

Mens Event

All blokes welcome

Mens event All Blokes Welcome. A mens event! Time talking about life and faith, things that matter, with a bit of music and food.  Mike Tana is going to talk about his own story and how life works for him.  A few other guys will share a bit of what’s going on with them as well.  We might all learn something useful or at least have a good night out. You don’t have to be a church goer or have your…
rising sun

Rising Sun – life in a multicultural community

Global Connections in Mission would like to invite you to this event in early October. Increasing cultural complexity Building bridges across different races and cultures often seems scary, yet if we really are going to “love our neighbour” we need a fresh level of mutual understanding.  In 2016, more than 125,000 international students came to New Zealand from more than 100 countries.  Over 1,000 refugees arrive from more than 20 countries and many more migrate to our shores. How do…