Our local schools

Work in School

In 2008 The Anchor started a partnership with Aotea College where the church would supply a youth worker for 10 hours a week to support the school as they needed. The relationship has continued ever since. The Anchor has a desire to form a long-lasting relationship with Aotea College, to be a supportive partner for students, their families and the staff. Over the last 7 years the outworking of the relationship has taken on many forms and The Anchor has mobilised many volunteers to care and support the school.

In 2012 The Anchor started to work in Papakowhai Primary School as part of a strategy that helps young people to transition well from intermediate school to high school. At Papakowhai we looked to mirror some of the work we did at Aotea College with lunchtime sports and group mentoring. At the end of the year we gifted ‘It’s Your Move’ booklets (transition survival guides) to all the Year 8 students to help with their move to high school.

Moving forward we want to partner with other schools in the Aotea College zone. We desire to help each school with building school spirit and developing strong relationships. We place a high value on helping the schools mature and equip young people as they transition through their eduction experience.


  • We deliver a Citizenship Program module to all Year 11 students at Aotea College. We take classes during term 1, 2 and 3. We teach the students how to plan and deliver an event for the community and relationship skills.
  • We offer group mentoring (life skills) to students in Papakowhai School.
  • We plan to gift and deliver  “It’s Your Move” to Year 8 students in four local primary schools at the end of this year.

For further information contact Chris Leadbeater for primary schools, or Brad de Villiers for Aotea College.