international student ministries

International Student Ministries

Join us next Sunday 30th at 6:30pm – get inspired by International Student Ministries, how God is working through them and learn about what Yvette is doing in her role in this area.

Who are International Student Ministries of New Zealand (ISMNZ).  ISMNZ came into being in late 1999 at just the right time, when the numbers of international student enrollments went from thousands to tens of thousands. Over 100,000 international students study in New Zealand every year. They leave their home nations and families, most often not knowing much about Aotearoa New Zealand.

International Student Ministries

The international student experience can be a positive life-changing time in a person’s life. Through pastoral care, friendship, spiritual support and mentoring, the family of ISMNZ workers and volunteers care for the hauora, the well-being, of international students. In doing so we demonstrate the grace and love of Jesus, striving to reflect His image and reach the nations at our doorstep through:

Our Mission
Helping international students in New Zealand become life-long followers of Jesus Christ, equipping and enabling them to reach their communities and nations for Him.

Our Vision
All international students in New Zealand have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Students from many countries – some inaccessible to traditional missionary endeavour – grow as followers of Jesus Christ while studying in New Zealand, continue to serve God throughout their lives, and help many in their home countries and around the world become and grow as followers of Jesus Christ, thereby helping reach their communities and countries for Jesus Christ.

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